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Kenneth D Bisio

CN 119 C

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Personal Biography Statement

Kenn Bisio is a professor of Photojournalism and Social Documentary and a world-renown photojournalist with more than 40 years as a working pro. His images have been published in the world’s most popular newspapers and magazines for which he has received numerous awards. His photographs have been displayed in exhibits in America, Europe, Russia and the Far East and are purchased by individual, corporate, museum and gallery collectors. He is represented by the Geraint Smith Gallery, Taos, New Mexico. He lives in Evergreen, Colorado.


Please check out my 2015 The Fine Print Workshops as well as my Photography Workshops in Carmel, California, and Italy.

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Office Hours

Monday - [12:00 to 17:00]
Tuesday - [08:00 to 15:00]
Wednesday - [12:00 to 15:00]
Thursday - [08:00 to 15:00]

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