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Kathy R Clark

Social Work

Personal Biography Statement

Kathy R. Clark has her Bachaleor's in Social Work (BSW) from Metro State College, which she received in Spring 2001. She then went on to receive her Master's in Social Work from the University of Denver in Spring 2002. Kathy's work and her passion has been with victims of domestic violence. She has done some community work in shelters and at the Jefferson County Court House helping victims receive protection orders as well as advocating for victims in other family court matters while also working part-time here at Metro.
Kathy began her work at Metro State in August of 2002 as a part-time Family Support in Social Work Minor Certificate of Completion Assistant Coordinator. In July of 2004, she became the full-time Family Support in Social Work Minor and Certificate of Completion Coordinator. As the coordinator she teaches 6 credit hours a semester and her release time is administrating the certificate/minor program. Kathy also is a member of the Metro State's Judicial Board, as well as a faculty advisor for the Beautiful Women's Alliance student organization. Kathy is also an active member of the Auraria Healthy Relationship Coalition (AHRC) for which has put on an event annually each October on campus screening for unhealthy relationships within members of the campus community. This event is called Love, Sex and Lies: An Intimacy Check-up. Most recently, in September 2008, the Auraria Healthy Relationship Coalition along with the University of Colorado at Denver's Center on Domestic Violence, Public Affairs program received a grant titled the Campus Safety Initiative. With this initiative the campus community members can now receive services here on campus.
Kathy enjoys her work with students as well as educating them about what social work is really all about.

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