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Dr Christina Peters Huber

AD 530D

Vita File

Selected Publications

Hernandez-Julian, Rey, Mansour, Hani, and Christina Peters. 2014. “The Effects of Intrauterine Malnutrition on Birth and Fertility Outcomes: Evidence from the 1974 Bangladesh Famine,” Demography 51: 1775-1796.

Peters, Christina, Rees, Daniel, and Rey Hernandez-Julian. 2014. “The Tradeoff between Family Size and Child Health in Rural Bangladesh,” Eastern Economic Journal 40(1): 71-95.

Mobarak, A. Mushfiq, Randall Kuhn, and Christina Peters. 2013. “Consanguinity and Other Marriage Market Effects of a Wealth Shock in Bangladesh,” Demography 50: 1845-1871.

Hernandez-Julian, Rey, and Christina Peters. 2012. “Does the Medium Matter? Online vs. Paper Coursework,” Southern Economic Journal 78(4): 1333-1345.

Educational Biography

PhD in Economics, 2008
University of Colorado at Boulder

MA in Economics, 2003
University of Colorado at Boulder

BA in Anthropology, 2000
Grinnell College

Research Areas/Interests

Economics of the Family, Maternal and Child Health, Intra-Household Bargaining

Courses Taught


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