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Claire L Ziller


Writing Center

Personal Biography Statement

Master of Arts in English--University of Colorado--Denver
Bachelor of Arts in English--Converse College

Thursday: 2:00-7:00 Friday: 12:00-4:00
Sunday (Library): 1:00-5:00

Teaching Philosophy

I have always loved words. I also love working with words, and my "wordy" addiction led me to teaching and tutoring. As a tutor, you can expect me to be patient, encouraging, and honest.
When tutoring, the most frequently asked question of me by students is "Does my paper flow?" My indirect answer, which sounds daunting at first, usually leads to future appointments. "Flow," I say, "results from revision, or seeing your writing as a reader and not as a writer. To re-see and be willing to revise your writing for purpose, audience, organization, and development so the reader can follow your purpose/argument is of foremost importance. And finally, you need to be willing to revise sentences and word choice before editing for punctuation, grammar, etc." This initially appears overwhelming, but we break it down into manageable steps.
To prove my point, I admit to writing many, many drafts of this brief statement and revising words, sentences, and the overall dang structure until I finally tired of it. And yes, of course, it was due. If you want to make your writing flow, visit us in the Metro Writing Center. We can help you with each step of the process.

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