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Dean H Elliott

Health Professions
By Appointment

Personal Biography Statement


Twenty plus years of experience within the healthcare industry managing products, personnel and general business practices to maximize the P & L of corporations. Having served in numerous roles; business development, sales and marketing, product development and general management, has provided numerous opportunities to grow professionally, to demonstrate strategic planning, team building and implementation of initiatives that have lead to revenue growth. A proven record of developing people and business plans to exceed goals by using market research, user input and a passion for success. As a highly motivated self starter, my enthusiasm for tasks carries over to my colleagues. A demonstrated ability to bring people together, to form viable teams and to enhance morale are just a few of the management skills that I bring to bear on any situation. The ability to flourish under pressure or when facing multiple tasks are but a few of the qualities recognized by peers and mentors alike.



Product Management

Responsible for re-launch and sales strategy for a product which had $130K of sales in 1995 and grew to just under $2mm in 1997.

Designed and implemented a continuing education program for case managers and other managed care personnel

Training seminars within Germany in an effort to increase awareness of our products and their quality. Training was provided to potential distributors from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, the UK and France.

Sales and Marketing

Developed first-ever sales and marketing team including sales channel for niche markets

Provided training and support to telesales group, later serving as manager.

Sold products and services to Managed Care Organizations and physician groups

Recruited physicians to establish second practice remote from their main referral base
Assisted with all procedures including in-take physicals, x-ray, lab and in-office surgical procedures
Affiliated the clinic with major metro hospital learning the workings of several departments including diagnostic imaging,invasive angiography lab and pulmonary services

General Management

Participated in all management level meetings defining company focus and implementing direction

Experience with integrating multiple disciplines, managing budgets and forecasts, as well as working toward an
appropriate P & L for the company.

Provide counsel and legal advice to Executive Management and ensure corporate compliance to all regulations

Educational Biography

University of Denver, Sturm College of Law
Juris Doctorate

University of Colorado - Boulder
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with emphasis in Health

Professional Affiliations

Medical Device Manufacturer's Association
Committee on Reimbursement
Committee on Governmental Affairs

Colorado Bioscience Association
Committee on Governmental Relations

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Government Relations
Regulatory Policy

Courses Taught


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