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Dr Devi Kiran Kalla

Mechanical Engineering Technology

PL 262 N

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Personal Biography Statement

Dr. Devi K. Kalla is an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology since Fall 2011. He has a strong experience on composite manufacturing, machining and modeling.

Research Areas/Interests

. Green product design
. Conventional and non-conventional machining of metals and composites
. Numerical modeling, monitoring, and optimization of advanced manufacturing processes
. Environmentally conscious manufacturing

Selected Publications

1. Devi Kalla, Jamal Sheikh-Ahmad and Janet Twomey, “Prediction of Cutting forces in Helical End Milling Fiber Reinforced Polymers,” International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture, 50 (10), pp. 882-891, 2010.

2. Jamal S Ahmad, Janet Twomey and Devi Kalla, “Multiple Regression and Committee Neural Network Force Prediction Models in Milling FRP,” Machining of Science and Technology Journal, 11:3, pp. 391-412, 2007.

3. Devi Kalla, Prashant Lodhia, Janet Twomey and Jamal Sheikh-Ahmad, 2005, “CN Force Predication Model in Milling of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers,” Intelligent Systems in Design and Manufacturing VI, Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 5999.

4. Michael Overcash, Janet Twomey and Devi Kalla, 2009, “Unit Process Life Cycle Inventory for Product Manufacturing Operations,” Proceeding of the 2009 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, ASME, October 4-7.

5. D. Kalla, Dhanasekaran, and Nito Yoda, 2010, “Recent Advances in Cutting Tool Materials and Tool Coatings for Machining Composite Materials,” Tooling for composites conference, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, UTAH, USA.

6. Devi Kalla, S. Corocran, M. Overcash and J. Twomey, 2011, “Energy Consumption in Discrete Part Production: Green Manufacturing,” Proceeding of the 2011 International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference, ASME, June 13-17, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA.


Mechanical Engineering Technology

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Tuesday - [14:45 to 15:45]
Thursday - [14:45 to 15:45]

Photo of Dr Devi Kiran Kalla

Current Semester Schedule

42116 MET-3980-001 Internship in MET TBA TBA-TBA
42479 MET-1210-001 3D Modeling MTW 1230-1620

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