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Dr Peg Fraser

Elementary Education

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Personal Biography Statement

Dr. Margaret (Peg) Fraser
Dr. Fraser earned both a B.S. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Special Education from the University of Colorado. She earned an M.A. in Educational Administration from Bradley University and her Doctorate in Education from Illinois State University, with emphasis in International and Special Education. She has taught at the elementary and high school levels, at Bradley University, Colorado Christian University and is presently employed as a Full Professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Social Studies for the school of Education. Dr. Fraser received the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008 for the School of Professional Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver.
Dr. Fraser has designed, coordinated and led various study abroad programs. This includes a study abroad course to Great Britain that has taken students each year, since 2005. She has also been a guest lecturer and participant in the partnership with the University of Shkodra in Albania. In addition she has worked with school affiliated organizations and presented in Bucerias, Mexico. She also serves as a member of the Global Programs and Partnerships Commission for the International Association of Teacher Educators (ATE).

Courses Taught


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Current Semester Schedule

30110 EDU-4100-001 Intg Mthds Tch Lng Art/SSt K-6 T 1700-1950
32420 EDUM-6100-001 Int Meth Tch Soc St & Lit:K-6 T 1700-1950
32421 EDUM-6105-001 Field Exp:Int Soc St & Lit K-6 TBA TBA-TBA
32423 EDUM-6125-001 Fld Exp: Int Sci Hlth Math K6 TBA TBA-TBA
34857 EDU-4105-001 Fld Exp: Intg SS & Literacy K6 TBA TBA-TBA
34861 EDU-4125-001 Fld Exp:Intg Sci, Hlt, Mth K-6 TBA TBA-TBA

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