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William J Rickard

Mechanical Engineering Technology
Plaza 262c

Personal Biography Statement

Prof. William J. (Jack) Rickard,
CMQ/oe, Sen. GDTP(S-0128), BSBA, MBA
Metropolitan State University, Denver
'Principles of Quality Assurance'
'Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing'
'SSE Engineering Safety and Quality'
'Manufacturing Processes'
'Technical Drawing'

Consultant: Process Re-Engineering
Quality & Supplier Development


Current Projects

Presently writing Magnum Opus on Industrial/Mechanical Process and Quality Management.
Working Title: 'Blue Sky, Hard-Line, & Grassroots'
Premise: Effective process management requires 1) a 'vision-to-die-for', 2) clear boundaries enforced by management through accountability to define the 'playing field' and 3) full creative engagement of the workforce.
Examples are provided with interviews collected from the best leaders and engineers encountered during my career from 1967 to the present.


Yoga teacher: Hatha, Neti and Tantra
Annual Bolder Boulder 10K
Bicycle trail riding
IQ Enhancement

Teaching Philosophy

Real-world application of textbook principles to improve earning potential is the class goal--each student should leave class with practical skills able to enhance professional credibility.

Office Hours by appointment.

Courses Taught


Office Hours

Tuesday - [04:00 to 05:00]
Thursday - [04:00 to 05:00]

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